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263 Layout

Version 11 (Eric Davis, 2011-11-07 03:35 am) → Version 13/13 (Eric Davis, 2011-11-07 03:35 am)

h1. #263 New Layout Notes

h2. Bugs

Simple list of bugs that should be fixed.

* -Issues#show - has the "updated by" duplicated-
* -Issues#show port Eric's subtask tree so parent and child issues are shown, not just child issues- *DEAD*: too much old code was never included so it's not possible to reuse this at all
* -CSS - Missing the line under the Projects top menu-
* -CSS - Change colors to the main ChiliProject colors-
* -Add a ChiliProject image-
* -Link header image to Home- - skip, no element there to attach to
* -CSS - Admin menu - icons disappear when hovering (CSS @!important@ bug)-
* -CSS - review and merge the CSS files: application.css, redmine-reset.css, reset.css, main.css-
* -JS - review of the new JavaScript, some is hacks and some is for features that aren't included-
* -Add's custom css styles-

Proposed Features

List of features we can extract from the S&P theme or build.

* -Logo Logo uploader for the header section- - #685 section
* Several different color combinations for the "themes" (e.g. white, red, green, blue, etc)
* Allow admins to add raw CSS to every page
* Allow admins to add raw JavaScript to every page
Issues list - change the right click menu to trigger on both left and right clicks
* Issues list - add a "popup" tooltip to show details about each issue when hovering on the row
* -JS JS - theme uses jquery (1.3.2) which I think would be a great thing to start including with ChiliProject. Note: this does *not* mean porting the existing JavaScript to jQuery yet.- #658 yet.
* -JS JS - review and decide which lightbox library to use. Currently thickbox is included but it's not used. I'd propose jQuery UI instead.- jQuery UI #658 instead.
* -Group Group menus - Instead of the flat menus shown we can group menu items. So Issues would have submenus of: New Issue, Show All Issues, New Saved Query, and a dynamic list of each Query. I can try to take a screenshot example of this if needed.- #559 needed.
* -Image Image thumbnailing - the theme (and custom code) creates image thumbnails and previews of any uploaded image files. I think this is a great feature but we should implement it differently (S&P's implementation wasn't flexible enough after testing). This would also add MIME icons for common file formats (e.g. document icon for Word docs).- #560 docs).
* Issue details - Attachments changed to be shown in a table, showing: filename, upload date, uploader, and description as table columns. I think this is easier to read. (Kept in application.js)

h2. Features I'm Rejecting

Some features in the S&P theme that I think we shouldn't include but if they are useful enough they could be added.

* Few changes to My Account. I don't feel like they are worth the effort to port over, since they are just an incremental improvement and My Account needs a full redesign of it's page
* Theme removed the sidebar from the Wiki. Rejecting because that is a custom business case for S&P and ChiliProject uses the Wiki sidebar more.
* Looking at the "issue details page": there is a large gap to the right of the issue description. The theme moved the Watchers to there originally. Rejecting because having the watchers in the sidebar is a better UI and there are a few updates I'll be making that will require using the full sidebar.
* Allow admins to add raw CSS to every page - too easy to mess up the site, should be with an optional plugin
* Allow admins to add raw JavaScript to every page - too easy to mess up the site, should be with an optional plugin