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Ian Freeman

  • Registered on: 2011-02-08
  • Last connection: 2016-02-02


Reported issues: 7


06:53 pm ChiliProject Feature #210 (Open): Bump redcloth version
I'm now using 1.6.1 with fewer problems. Now trying to sort out syntax errors on load calls (as reported by mongrel_r...
01:06 am ChiliProject Feature #264 (Open): Linking repository files to an issue
I just link the revision to the issue, so that you can click on the revision to see what files were affected. As for ...
12:49 am ChiliProject Feature #210 (Open): Bump redcloth version
gem -v says 1.5.2. I was using master current when I posted. Still try older gem?


10:45 am ChiliProject Feature #228 (Open): Don't require code tags to be wrapped by pre tags
08:05 am ChiliProject Feature #226 (Declined): rename admin account


10:49 am ChiliProject Wiki edit: Installation_on_Debian_Lenny_v1 (#6)
Changing link for Ubuntu from non-existant 10.04 to existant 10.10 install docs
10:48 am ChiliProject Wiki edit: Installation_on_Debian_Lenny_v1 (#5)
10:44 am ChiliProject Wiki edit: Installation (#24)
10:43 am ChiliProject Wiki edit: Installation_on_Ubuntu_10_10_v1 (#1)


12:27 am ChiliProject Feature #207 (Open): Long format issue/revision links

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