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Create issue/ticket (bug) through API or link or ... ?

Added by Wiki Bit at 2012-03-01 02:08 pm


I'm looking for the following :
any experience, examples, hints, tips on how to automatically create a ticket from another (ruby/sinatra) application
what I'm looking for would be :

a user who fills in some basic fields (subject, description) in our app
our app adds info like :
- userid, customfieldD, customfieldC, notifyflag, trackertype(bug), projectid
user clicks on "submit" button/link

and then we would like to insert this as a ticket in chiliproject

that is about it (high level)


PS: userid's are the same between chiliproject, however, we cannot control the passwords, so don't count on those being the same


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RE: Create issue/ticket (bug) through API or link or ... ? - Added by Tom Rochette at 2012-03-03 09:03 am

I'd look into the REST interface or redmine (which chiliproject is very similar to, see, the documentation is available at will probably help you getting started up on how to use that interface from a ruby app.