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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category
1369 BugReady for reviewNormalrdm-mailhandler incompatible with ruby +1.9Max ResnickMail Receiving
1368 FeatureDeclinedHighNouvelle solution de sauvegarde
1367 BugDeclinedNormalfgdfgh
1366 BugDeclinedHighcomparison of osticket to chiliprojectDocumentation
1365 TaskDeclinedHighMise à jour du CMSUser interface
1364 BugDeclinedNormalFeella!
1363 BugDeclinedNormalтест
1362 BugReady for reviewNormalDate problem with wiki revisionsAndrew SmithWikis
1361 BugDeclinedNormalThe thing is broken
1360 BugDeclinedNormalsocial media
1359 BugDuplicateNormalsocial media
1358 BugDeclinedNormaltest
1357 TaskDeclinedHighВыбор системы менеджментаLibraries
1356 TaskDeclinedHighTestREST API
1355 TaskDeclinedHighCMR: fichier de réservation
1354 FeatureClosedHighLogin
1353 FeatureReady for reviewNormalAdd environment info display to /admin/info.
1352 TaskClosedNormal长安医院趋势服务器病毒库升级博 张
1351 FeatureClosedHighAcompanhamento Erro TISS 3.02
1350 BugClosedNormalPruebaJuan Camilo Montoya GomezDocumentation
1349 FeatureOpenHighAdd date control in the SchedulerZeeshan HaiderIssue tracking
1348 BugClosedNormalCamara de hermeticidad
1347 TaskClosedNormalJe testUser accounts
1346 BugOpenNormalExport to CSV is incompatible with Windows OSMy Page
1345 BugClosedNormalPRUEBA DE PETICIÓN

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