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Question regarding meaning of different ways a project can "share" versions

Added by Kendall Gifford at 2012-03-02 03:49 am

If I select a project, click Settings and then select the Versions tab, and then either a) create a new version or b) edit an existing version, I'll see the Version form.

On this form, there's a field named Sharing with the following possible values:

  • Not Shared
  • With Subprojects
  • With Project Hierarchy
  • With Project Tree
  • With all Projects

I've searched here (and googled using "redmine" instead of "chiliproject") looking for the meaning of these various values.

The Not Shared and With all Projects values' meanings are obvious enough. The With Subprojects value is mostly clear. However, the other two, With Project Hierarchy and With Project Tree are difficult to divine.

Now, I'd assume that With Subprojects means just that. However, does this just include the first generation of descendents (my project's "kids") or all descendents? The wording would imply just the first generation but I'm certainly not sure.

This then brings me to the Hierarchy vs. Tree conundrum. I'd assume that one means "share with all my descendant only, i.e. the whole 'tree' or 'hierarchy' rooted at myself" while one means "share with my ultimate (root-level) ancestor and all of her descendants too (including my descendants, parents, aunts/uncles, siblings, cousins, nieces/nephews, etc.)." If I'm right (and that's a big if by itself) I still have no idea which is which.

So, anyone here care to either point me to the documentation that clarifies this or, if no such docs exist and you know the answer, to enlighten me?

As always, I very much appreciate it!

(I feel like I'm taking up an inordinate amount of the bandwidth here on this forum recently. Am I the only one with so many questions? Hope no one's too annoyed.)

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