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Gantt - editable, condensed etc. for professional use

Added by Martina Schlager at 2013-03-04 11:40 am

Hello, I advised several clients to use Redmine/Chili for IT project management and we are quite happy with the tool.

One big issue is that STILL no comprehensive management view over all projects is available. I understand that you guys discuss sometimes editable gantt features, but you seem to think, that this is a minor topic - much more minor than i.e. the integration of social medie channels? - which is NO topic for any of my clients.

I would like to point out the fact, that a professional editable gantt view & visualization/export is most essential for the folks who make the decisions and pay the bill.

Please put the isse "editable gantt" back on the roadmap.
I'm happy to support you with a specs&recs, testing etc.

If someone has an up and ready solution for a nice gantt, we might be happy to remunerate the effort!

Cheers Martina

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RE: Gantt - editable, condensed etc. for professional use - Added by Chris Dähn at 2013-03-06 01:01 am

Hi Martina,

as I mentioned in your other topic (, I love the Gantt chart and use it as base of my daily work (team meetings, Gantt view at the beamer).

Nearly EVERY DAY I have to MOVE issues and to CHANGE/MOVE start/end dates (mostly the end dates) of issues - and:
I have to open a new tab for eacht ticket I just want to move :-( :-( frustrating and a really horrible task when I have to do it on a beamer with my notebook's touchpad (puke)

There was a plugin "Editable Gantt" for Redmine, which is sadly not compatible with CP - but maybe we can adapt/partly rewrite it. Ok when I mean "we" I honestly hope that Felix or Holger could take over this part :-D

Currently I bought a cool new Ruby book and am trying to motivate me and my colleagues to read it - so we learn enough to develop for CP, too.

Please open a new issue for this or assign the old ticket to me, so I can try to motivate someone to take over this task.


RE: Gantt - editable, condensed etc. for professional use - Added by Chris Dähn at 2013-06-22 11:20 pm

Small update:
For Redmine patches for an editable Gantt chart are available - maybe they can be ported to ChiliProject.
Due to the fact that these patches directly modify the core, there are little chances that they are compatible with CP.

Maybe a colleague of mine or (later, when my Ruby skills are far enough) could take a look to these patches.