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Create a way to further limit ability of "reporters" or non-devs on a project. (Feature #1307)

Added by mcnair scott at 2013-10-02 04:30 am. Updated at 2013-10-02 04:30 am.

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Greetings good people. I'm trying to figure out a way to allow for non-devs on the project i manage to report bugs or request features without messing up our tightly controlled development process. Something beyond the current roles and permissions or status options. For example things like the list below i think would help with this:
  • ability to assign all non members a different default status like "unconfirmed"
  • disabling their ability to add assignee
  • disable ability to select target versions
  • disable ability to select priority.
  • have a separate tracker for reporters

There are other ways to tackle this problem....Are there any plans in the works along these lines, or am i missing something that already exists?

Thanks for all you do!


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