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Eric Davis, 2011-12-10 07:33 pm

#692 Layout

Eric's feedback

Code review


Feature review


Design review

Just using the site and doesn't include a code or feature review.


  • Logo: I would prefer we don't change the logo yet and open up the logo ideas to the community. We talked about a logo contest, what happened with that?
    • I think that's more of a placeholder for the moment -- Felix
    • No problem for me. If somebody else has a better idea for a logo please feel free to propose a new version -- Niels
  • Logo image isn't linked to the home page.
    • I think the home icon in the "overall tabs" in the right of the header section serves that purpose, I wouldn't mind the logo pointing to the home though -- Felix
    • Good idea. The logo should also link to starting page -- Niels
  • The breadcrumb (#breadcrumb) is too small for the information it's showing (project name).
    • I agree. We should try to increase font size -- Niels
  • The breadcrumb is underlined but isn't a link.
    • Yes, every element in the breadcrumb should be a link -- Niels
  • Issues list has two submenus "View all issues" and "Summary" which should be discussed under a separate issue.
  • Content in the sidebar under the menu feels really close, almost to the point of unreadable. (Project overview).
    • Yes, the sidebar is far away from being perfect. I think it is only an interims solution. I guess that more and more elements from the sidebar have to move to either the project menu as a subitem or to the main content section -- Niels
  • Some pages have duplicated titles in the sidebar (Issue list, Wiki). Will need to be touched up as we find them or move things into submenus.
  • On narrow displays, when you view a page with the tabs (Project Settings, System Settings) there are little left and right arrows that appear by the tabs. In this design the arrows are at the bottom of the page.

Account Nav menu (#account-nav)

  • I don't like how it's activated on a click. Activating a hover feels better to me and is how the previous version worked.
    • I like click better because it's more predictable and akin to what your desktop menus do. I've also had it all to often that on-hover menus just disappear
      again when you move your mouse over some arbitrary border, which is frustrating -- Felix
    • I also like the click option much better -- Niels
  • I think My Page should be an item in the username menu (far right).
    • I disagree. The My Page is the central point of information. This shouldn't be in a submenu -- Niels
  • I don't know about the term Modules for that menu. It's better than the previous one (More) but it still doesn't fit. We are already calling other things modules (issue tracking, time tracking, etc).
    • I think we haven't found anything better than "(instance) modules" for this, I'm happy to hear other ideas :-) -- Felix
  • The username menu should go to the edge. That's an important area (Fit's law)
  • The Modules menu should include the Administration menu items for admins.
    • Doesn't it? Admin is in modules on at least, might have been lost somewhere on the way -- Felix
  • The Modules menu is linked to '#' which isn't useful
    • That might be an accessibility requirement (it hints screen-readers that that item "does" something), can't say for sure though, I'll ask Romano -- Felix

Projects menu (inside the Account Nav)

  • Linking the Projects menu and having the first item to "All Projects" is redundant.
    • Why is it redundant? There is currently no other way to access the old project overview -- Niels
  • If a project has a long name it is cut off
  • If a project has a long name and you hover over it the menu's width expands (still not enough to see it completely). Then when you move your mouse the menu width shrinks. This causes a flickering effect.
  • Projects in the menu cannot be opened in a new tab/window using a middle click or right click.
  • Somehow by opening and closing the projects menu I was able to lose all of the projects. Seems the project list is keeping it's display:none randomly.


  • The left/right and up/down buttons are too high up. Issues List > Filter Options > Columns.
  • When selecting an issue on the list it is highlighted in gold (good) but if the issue is multiple lines then a blue background appears below it
  • Context menu is missing most of its icons
  • Content menu items have padding problems on the left and right. Either not enough padding or too much.
  • Issue Action menu isn't distinguished from the rest of the page. It should have a background or something.
  • There isn't enough separation between the Issue data and it's history. There is just the History title and an underline but the issue data itself uses underlines.
  • Issue history items have too much left padding and are out of line with the rest of the page.
My page
  • Items with tables overflow the background images. Tested at the minimum browser width (no horizontal scroll-bar) with "Issues assigned to me" on left and "Reported issues" on right.
  • Items with tables have messed up background when hovering. Every other row gets a light yellow background, should be every row and/or have some table striping.
  • /admin is blank, missing the items or content. I think the menu items should still be here, especially since many people go directly to /admin
  • Admin menu items are missing the icons (I think the project menu should have them too)
    • Regarding icons at least in the admin (and project) menu, maybe even the issue list right-click menu, I've found them confusing and even only mildly related (if at all) to the concept they're supposed to illustrate. For example in the admin menu: "Tracker" is a yellow post-it, what's the connection (other than the yellow post-its being used for tickets…)? Or the icons in the project menu here: the "files" have what I'd interpret as a zip file, the wiki has some sort of a note, the overview a page and the activity a lightning bolt, it's not associations I'd call intuitive. Lastly, it puts a "pressure" on module authors to provide an icon, which will likely be a bad one than none more often than not. For more info, I also suggest reading this post about icons and usability: “icons contrary to intuition, do not necessarily help the user find a menu item better than a text label alone. It’s not worth it.” -- Felix
  • The current icons don't really fit to the new design. Finnlabs is curently working on a new set of icons. First results will be proposed this week. -- Niels