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Eric Davis

  • IRC handle: edavis10
  • Registered on: 2010-12-22
  • Last connection: 2020-06-29



Reported issues: 203


05:52 pm ChiliProject Bug #993 (Open): Support themes outside of the public/themes path


08:34 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Is it possible to configure the subject-line for email notifications?
I was thinking about this today. It would be nice to have email subject lines defined in the i18n files so they can b...


07:20 pm ChiliProject Bug #929 (Closed): Missing links in Issues section in left menu bar
It has become the Issue summary menu item in 3.1.0 (Issues > Issue Summary).
07:18 pm ChiliProject Feature #930 (Declined): Add resolution field to Bug tracker by default
Disagree. As a general purpose tool a resolution field doesn't make sense in all cases.
If you want a resolution f...


07:03 am ChiliProject Feature #854 (Open): Sample plugin doesn't contain tests
Enrique García Cota wrote:
> I think having an opinionated and exemplary test configuration in the Sample Plugin wo...
06:42 am ChiliProject Feature #559 (Closed): Group Menus
Added to master in commit:b9b2c8c
I couldn't find an easy way to clear the line separating the two static and dyna...


06:44 pm ChiliProject Feature #559 (Closed): Group Menus
06:04 pm ChiliProject Feature #559 (Closed): Group Menus
Okay, I think I've added them all now. Here is a screenshot of them all open (font is small so I could fit them all o...
05:39 pm ChiliProject Feature #559 (Closed): Group Menus
I'm trying to go through this now, should have a pull request soon. If I miss anything you can comment there.


12:31 am ChiliProject Feature #478 (Needs more information): Sub groups or Multi-level groups [Patch available]
Please don't assign issues to anyone. Once you have a pull request that is ready for review, then someone can review it.

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