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Brian Jacobi

  • Registered on: 2011-11-17
  • Last connection: 2012-04-04


Reported issues: 8


02:46 pm ChiliProject Bug #960 (Open): paging problem in searches
+1 there is definitely an issue here. Results that are displayed are not paginated correctly. It appears that the sys...


04:19 pm ChiliProject Feature #719 (Open): Concept of Locking/Merging
Excellent. Thanks Eric


11:02 pm ChiliProject Feature #719 (Open): Concept of Locking/Merging
11:00 pm ChiliProject Feature #718 (Open): Create field dependenceis
10:59 pm ChiliProject Feature #717 (Open): Allow users to set a default view
10:57 pm ChiliProject Feature #716 (Open): New Text Editor
10:55 pm ChiliProject Feature #715 (Open): Notification - Dont notify of changes I make is confusing
10:52 pm ChiliProject Feature #714 (Open): Email information in tickets history
10:49 pm ChiliProject Feature #713 (Duplicate): Filtering - Or function
10:45 pm ChiliProject Feature #712 (Open): My Page should adhere to sorting and columns for saved filters

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