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Scott Whitlow

  • Registered on: 2012-03-09
  • Last connection: 2013-04-23


Reported issues: 0


04:27 am ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Create tasks list in the issue
I know this topic is about a year old. However, this is something I would love to see as well. Is there any hope of g...


03:41 pm ChiliProject Feature #901 (Open): PDF export of Wiki Pages
I was wondering if this is going to be implemented? This would be a great feature!


09:12 pm ChiliProject Develop: RE: Color Bug List Backgrounds
Awesome! Thanks!
08:56 pm ChiliProject Develop: Tabs on Top?
I was wondering if there is any themes being developed for the new 3.0 version that has the same look and feel as the...
08:53 pm ChiliProject Develop: Color Bug List Backgrounds
I would like to be able to color the background of bugs/features depending on the priority (low/med/high/urgent, etc)...

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