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Tomáš Jukin

  • Registered on: 2012-04-07
  • Last connection: 2012-07-08


Reported issues: 5


09:25 pm ChiliProject Feature #1092 (Open): Hierarchical project identifiers
I perfectly agree with you, Holger


05:32 pm ChiliProject Bug #1087 (Closed): Document category is not saved properly
Any update fot this bug? It is really annoying. And it is in the latest version. Confirmed.
12:20 pm ChiliProject Bug #300 (Open): confusing document overview
Any update to this?


12:59 pm ChiliProject Bug #1048 (Declined): Incoming emails
I have an similar issue, for me incoming emails are recognized (I have created a CRON job for them) but CP refuses to...


10:34 am ChiliProject Feature #1093 (Open): Global New Issue button
10:23 am ChiliProject Feature #1092 (Open): Hierarchical project identifiers


11:05 pm ChiliProject Feature #1088 (Open): Preview in documents
11:03 pm ChiliProject Feature #116 (Open): Mobile CSS
What is a status of this? It would be wonderful to have it on an iPhone;-)...
10:58 pm ChiliProject Feature #782 (Open): Git: Mercurial: Adding visual merge/branch history to repository view
+1 for this!
10:57 pm ChiliProject Feature #716 (Open): New Text Editor
+1 for CodeMirror (, there is even a Rails gem aout there for it:

Also available in: Atom