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Ellinor Bråsjö

  • Registered on: 2012-05-28
  • Last connection: 2012-06-20


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09:30 am ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Customized sorting of projects
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, a completely custom ordering is what I'm looking for, but I guess the DB is the only wa...


03:21 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Customized sorting of projects
Thanks for a quick answer.
I have some projects with this structure:
* Company
> * Internal-IT
> * Other...
12:59 pm ChiliProject Discuss: Customized sorting of projects
ChiliProject by default sorts projects in alfabetical order (on the projects overview page). Is it possible to...


10:20 am ChiliProject Discuss: If an issue has its asignee removed, is it possible to automatically change status?
If an issue is set as status "In progress" and the field "Assigned to" is changed from a Name to BLANK, is it ...


06:49 am ChiliProject Discuss: Pictures on home page
On the wiki pages in any Chili project its simple to add pictures illustrating the text. Is it possible to add...

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