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Phill Ashworth

  • Registered on: 2012-08-16
  • Last connection: 2012-11-23


Reported issues: 1


10:56 am ChiliProject Bug #1181 (Needs more information): TemplateError on Activity page


02:19 pm ChiliProject Discuss: TemplateError on Activity page
I'm getting the error below on clicking the main "Activity" link. I'm not at all familiar with ruby so would apprecia...


12:33 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Error trying to send test email
Thanks - I'd set the domain parameter in the default section but not in the production section, all working now :)
10:21 am ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Error trying to send test email
Thanks, I've fixed configuration.yml but I'm now getting a different error:...
07:14 am ChiliProject Discuss: Error trying to send test email
I'm not very familiar with RoR and just trying out ChilliProject, looks great so far, just one issue - I'm unable to ...

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