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  • IRC handle: Ammler
  • Registered on: 2011-04-21
  • Last connection: 2012-03-26


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09:28 am ChiliProject Feature #506 (Closed): Support for "local" Gemfile - Gemfile.local
This workaround is good and working, thanks...


09:31 am ChiliProject Feature #506 (Closed): Support for "local" Gemfile - Gemfile.local
You mean, I should make a Plugin to run cp with unicorn?


08:10 pm ChiliProject Feature #506 (Closed): Support for "local" Gemfile - Gemfile.local


01:17 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Why can't we watch certain wiki pages?
are you "logged in"?
It works for me...


11:35 am ChiliProject Feature #323 (Ready for review): Salted user passwords
just be sure to have a solution which works cross over other applications like "hgredmine":


11:57 am ChiliProject Feature #124 (Closed): User deletion
I don't see the difference from that renaming to locking. I would also say, deletion of regular users isn't needed, b...


12:18 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: ChiliProject as a gem?
the same gem would be used for rpms, so you would have quite easy distro support (at least for rpm distros, no idea a...

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