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Moritz von Buttlar

  • Registered on: 2011-04-29
  • Last connection: 2011-05-06


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07:25 pm ChiliProject Develop: RE: Problems with built-in advanced git integration
Thank you very much ! Everything is working now.


09:49 am ChiliProject Develop: Problems with built-in advanced git integration

I followed instructions on
but now I'm s...
09:09 am ChiliProject Develop: RE: Does anybody improve git support in Redmine?
Hi everyone,
I have some trouble with using the built-in git support as described in


10:47 am ChiliProject Discuss: Wiki theme, appearance of links
I would like to suggest to change the appearance of the Wiki a little bit. Right now (at least in my firefox b...
10:14 am ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Installation and integration of GIT or Subversion
Felix Schäfer wrote:
> ChiliProject has merged the code for git integration, so git and svn integration are both po...
07:44 am ChiliProject Discuss: Installation and integration of GIT or Subversion
first of all thanks for working on this great software.
I'm currently setting up a server and I would also ...

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