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Chris Woerle

  • IRC handle: suung
  • Registered on: 2011-06-15
  • Last connection: 2011-10-02


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06:41 pm ChiliProject Develop: RE: before_filters, except, only and stuff
i agree, that this has to be done very carefully.
i don't oversee everything, but i think there is the danger to mak...
06:39 pm ChiliProject Develop: RE: [Proposal] Query Refactoring
as far as i understand, we can use Arel in Rails 2. In Crabgrass (same situation as in chili, because Redmine was the...


10:54 am ChiliProject Develop: before_filters, except, only and stuff
There are in every controller a lot of different very special configurations.
specific filter :only, or :except etc....
10:44 am ChiliProject Develop: RE: [Proposal] Global Roles
What about this code:...


12:05 pm ChiliProject Develop: RE: Using chili project as authentication source
> Where can i track the progress of your work? For which chili project version is it planned?
nowhere unfortunatel...
10:47 am ChiliProject Develop: [Proposal] Query Refactoring
h2. Refactoring of Queries
h3. General Opinion
* Queries are really powerful and can become even more powerful
10:38 am ChiliProject Develop: RE: Permissions for Queries
yeah, i think we have to clarify our contribution workflow internally to avoid too much loss of time.
there will f...
10:35 am ChiliProject Develop: RE: Using chili project as authentication source
i am working on this, it's pretty done.
basically: you get the user with her permissions via the api.
you will ha...
10:33 am ChiliProject Develop: [Proposal] Global Roles
h3. Background
* We currently have Roles (per Project) and Groups plus the admin - flag to organize users
* We wi...
10:06 am ChiliProject Develop: RE: [Proposal] New Permissions
see also [[New_Permissions]]

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