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We do not recommend that you setup new ChiliProject instances and we urge all existing users to migrate their data to a maintained system, e.g. Redmine. We will provide a migration script later. In the meantime, you can use the instructions by Christian Daehn.

Felix Schäfer

  • IRC handle: thegcat
  • Registered on: 2010-12-23
  • Last connection: 2015-01-15



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11:13 am ChiliProject Wiki edit: FAQ (#14)


05:13 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Chiliproject upgrade, migration from PSQL do MYSQL and LDAP auth problem
Unfortunately the way Ruby on Rails stores data in MySQL and PostreSQL has subtle differences, for example booleans i...


11:58 am ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Install problems on Centos 6.5
First and foremost, and I'm sorry I didn't mention it: you should never ever post passwords on the internet. I would ...
11:53 am ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Install problems on Centos 6.5


08:46 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Install problems on Centos 6.5
I suspect a problem with your @config/database.yml@, please check that the indentation is correct as yaml is indentat...


02:55 pm ChiliProject Wiki edit: Differences_Between_Chiliproject_and_Redmine (#18)
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10:13 am ChiliProject Develop: RE: REST API and the limit parameter : limit does not seem to work above 100
There is indeed a hard limit of 100, see


08:52 pm ChiliProject Wiki edit: Help (#8)
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08:55 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Passenger + apache : Error is coming in browser
Please run @bundle install@ in the ChiliProject directory as the user that will run ChiliProject. Depending on your c...


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