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Brian Jacobi

  • Registered on: 2011-09-12
  • Last connection: 2011-12-09


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10:07 pm ChiliProject Feature #154 (Open): My page filtered issues blocks
+1 Need ability to customize columns. Without this, my page is a bit useless for many users.
10:05 pm ChiliProject Feature #156 (Open): My page links block
+1 This would be really cool. You can't set a default login screen or query in chili which is a bummer, this feature...
09:58 pm ChiliProject Feature #369 (Open): Group issues by parent issue
+1 I am running parallel and sequential workflows in Chili. Our workflow owners and PMs are missing the ability to s...
09:54 pm ChiliProject Feature #464 (Open): Autocompleted fields
+1 Would really like to see this so would my users.
09:51 pm ChiliProject Feature #224 (Open): Allow multiple assignees per issue
+1 While we have adjusted to single ownership, it would be incredibly helpful to have multi-assignee support.
09:48 pm ChiliProject Feature #141 (Open): Multiselect custom fields
+1 we continue to have use cases come up that could utilize multi-select fields.


02:42 pm ChiliProject Feature #715 (Open): Notification - Dont notify of changes I make is confusing
I'm okay with the later, having more granular notification would be best. Thanks Holger

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