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Redmine Updates 1.3.0

Added by Tom Freudenberg at 2012-01-10 03:00 pm

Hi all out there, I am sorry but I did not get the update process manner out from FAQ.

Will or have you imported from time to time the changes from redmine repository?

So at least, are the changes from release 1.3.0 are also available to chili?

Thanx in advance for a short answer.


Replies (2)

RE: Redmine Updates 1.3.0 - Added by Kris Lou at 2012-01-25 05:34 pm

Just adding my $0.02 - the features added in 1.3.0 that I am particularly interested in is the Wiki export to PDF ( and Assigning issues to groups ( - ironically originating from Eric).

However, I realize that the latter has a number of usability and design decisions associated with it . . . Assigning to Roles vs Groups, visibility, etc. that would need to be worked out before implementation. That's probably a separate thread.

RE: Redmine Updates 1.3.0 - Added by Felix Schäfer at 2012-02-18 11:37 am

Sorry for the long time this answer took to come, we've all been a little tight on time in the last few weeks.

Regarding whether developments from Redmine will be ported to ChiliProject: not in a regular or automated manner. The development styles in Redmine doesn't really make that an option (feature branches would be a tremendous help for example), and I have to admit that the ChiliProject side of this issue isn't all unicorns either.

If there are specific things that are implemented in Redmine that you'd like to see in ChiliProject, I'd invite you to open issue/feature requests here for those things, link to the corresponding Redmine issue/issues, and if you can to the corresponding commits or if your ruby-foo is up to the task even a pull request with the corresponding code, that at least would make us aware of those and allow other ChiliProject users to participate in a possible discussion.