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First experiance

Added by Patrick Installé at 2012-02-14 01:27 am


I took some minutes to install redmine (ubuntu .deb package) and several hour to install chiliproject (minimal linux procedure).

Due to the fact that there are more people that will test Chiliproject than people who will really use it, I think the first installation should be as simple as possible.

I took some time with the installation of Ruby. Chiliproject has nothing to do with this.

However Chiliproject could improve it's own installation by proposing the simpliest path for tester.

  • No need to propose 3 databases systems. I suggest you to use as reference sqlite3 and from this basic installatin propose improvement path with mysql or postresql.
  • No need to copy config/configuration.yml.example to config/configuration.yml. I suggest to use directly config/configuration.yml and keep config/configuration.yml.example for further reference.

Those are my 2 cent.

Anyway thanks all the developper for the effort you put in this project.


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RE: First experiance - Added by Felix Schäfer at 2012-02-15 01:09 pm

Hello Patrick,

thanks for your feedback, the bulk of the "difficulty" (depending on where you stand…) comes from ruby and gems and sometimes the way different distos handle those.

Regarding your 2 proposals:

  • there's no "official" way in rails to migrate data from one DB adapter to another, so you're basically "trapped" to the one you start off with, sqlite may not always be the best or even not be the best in most cases. (and no, SQL-dumping and reloading it isn't an option either as ActiveRecord maps some column types differently depending on your DB…). If you have experience with for example the yml-dumps in rails or another means we could use, I'd very much like to hear about it :-)
  • that might be doable, but I think we'd have to comment out some more stuff out so as not to have for example the sendmail config without the admin knowing it. There were some ideas towards an installation helper that would generate (some of) the config for admins interactively, that might work well too.

Please note that the forums aren't the best place to talk about feature proposals, if you think we should tackle those or want to submit some ready code please open tickets in the tracker, thanks :-)