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features available?

Added by Hans Kaiser at 2012-02-18 03:57 pm

Hello all,

I have seen, that chiliproject is a more modern fork of redmine, so I would like to give it a try.

I have a team of collegues, which work on different projects. Every project itself has multiple components which itself needs to be tracked. Additionally we have customer issues/incidents we have to manage.
An example for the hierarchy:

  • project1A
  • component11
  • issues
  • component12
  • issues
  • project1B
  • component13
  • issues
  • component14
  • issues


  • project2A
  • issues


We are currently using OTRS for the customer side, but it is too limited for our needs.

So we are searching for an alternative, which can handle:
  • the above mapping of our customers to projects to components to issues.
  • are also multiple components/grouping below projects available?
  • support of creating issues and tasks with the corresponding informations against the wished customer/project/component. E.g. by putting specific tags into the beginning or ending of the mail
  • Multi language support
  • support of UTF-8 E-Mails / OTRS has often troubles with messages which contain special chars out of the UTF-8 set
  • reminder if a tasks is passing its due date
  • are there plugins available for integrating the tasks into outlook and/or thunderbird lightning?
  • are there plugins available for integrating into eclipse?

I hope I could explain my needs. Can someone help me out of the dark?

best regards,

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RE: features available? - Added by Paweł O at 2012-02-21 08:19 am


Ad.1 What we do is to have projects and subprojects with the structure somehow similiar to what you have:
  • Customer cases
    • customer1
      • project1A
        • subproject11
        • subproject12

In CP you can see all issues at the "Customer cases" level but the roles like Reporter or Developer (which is adequate to Customer and Support engineer) can create new issies only at the subproject level.

Customers has rights only to their "CustomerX" project and all subprojects so they do not see issues from other customers.

Ad.2. You can create subprojects, with subprojects and so on. But keeping to much levels makes the structure difficult to navigate.

Ad.3. I do not know if it is possible right now. Tagging is planned feature.

Ad.4. We use it in Polish and English simultanesly.

Ad.5 This works OK.

Ad.6 For this you need plugin. Look for it at github. We will use it in a near future.

Ad.7. You should write what you expect. We rather ask customers to write email to common account eg. , that account is mapped in chiliproject to receive issues to one CP project. there our support people distribute it to the other projects.
You could also write a rule so the email can be put to corresponding CP project based on email addres

Ad.8. Best place is to look at or github.

Best regards


RE: features available? - Added by Karate Fuijan at 2012-04-14 03:06 pm

You are full of knowledge! So many questions and you have each solution. Really appreciate your noble support. Keep it up man.