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Modify, import, export Issues?

Added by Hans Kaiser at 2012-02-25 02:34 pm

Hello all,

can I export the selected issues into a csv or ods/xlsx? If so, how?

can I import new to create issues for a mass import? If so, how?

Is it possible to export and to modify the issues in a "excel/OOcalc" and to reimport the modified data? Maybe someone knows the MS Team Foundation Server. This is one of the best import/export roundtrips in projectplaning so far I have seen!

best regards

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RE: Modify, import, export Issues? - Added by Felix Schäfer at 2012-02-28 10:03 am

Hello Hans,

There are some facilities to export issues from the issue list ("Also available in: Atom CSV PDF" at the bottom of the issue list view), but none to import modifications in those forms. There's a web/RESTish API available in addition to the web views that certainly could be leveraged for this kind of things.

Taking off my ChiliProject dev cap and putting on my finnlabs employee cap: AFAIK we're developing an MSProject connector for ChiliProject (not involved in that project so I can't say much more than that), get in touch either with me or through the finnlabs website if you'd like to know more.