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Note about installation with RVM on ubuntu 10.04 openvz container

Added by Guillaume Bourque at 2012-03-23 03:26 pm


just to share that if you follow the install guide here Installation_on_Ubuntu_10_10 and that your like me on an ubuntu 10.04 openvz vm you will probably end up with a non working Vm after a reboot.

Here is what I found

When we install rvm we endup with this file


This change the PATH ( add rvm at the beginning) an prevent ubuntu services to start (to be validated).

I dont know if something is incorrect in my setup but I used a template ubuntu vm so it should be a simple setup.

To resolve this I comment out the last section of the profile and everything boots normally

  # Add $rvm_bin_path to $PATH if necessary
  #off if [[ "${rvm_bin_path}" != "${rvm_path}/bin" ]] ; then
    #off regex="^([^:]*:)*${rvm_bin_path}(:[^:]*)*$" 
    #off if [[ ! "${PATH}" =~ $regex ]] ; then
     #off  __rvm_add_to_path prepend "${rvm_bin_path}" 
    #off fi
  #off fi

If others have better solution or if it's only my vm setup please correct me.

Hopefully I will save some time to other like me taht ccould ended up with a vm not starting normally.