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Adding Topmenu Link like in version 2.x

Added by Chris Dähn at 2012-04-11 09:42 am


first of all: I like the new 3.0 theme of CP! It's a big step forwards and increases the difference between Redmine and CP!

The only disadvantage in comparison to the old theme is:

  • the right position of the topmenu complicates the usage on sites with multiple projects - especially on wide screens
    (our users forced me to move the topmenu to the left and the header (logo?) to the right)
  • the header is prepared as "header logo", but there's no chance to add a logo without doing some ugly CSS tricks
  • top menu entries added by plugins don't work any more (see

I solved the first points by some (not nice) CSS workarounds - that's ok for me, but will bring trouble when the CSS part changes in further versions (e.g. missing header logo option in administration menu etc.).
Further I wondered why nobody seems to concern users with wide screens and multi project sites (where you often have to use the top menu and the sidebar - where your mouse has to run many miles between outer right and left of the screen).

The last point is the only part I could not solve, yet:
My own top menu plugin shows it's entry inside the pulldown menu "More" (german "Mehr"), instead of showing up directly inside the menu bar.

It would be great having this feature of the former 2.x version back again, because this extended top menu entry is our only chance to switch back to our intranet - currently all of our users don't know how to do that, because the button (which was formerly visable on top) is now hidden in one of the pull down menus.

Is there a chance to modify the plugin code to move the menu entry on top or is this behaviour completely impossible with CP 3.x?

Here my plugin code (which only consists of one init.rb file):

require 'redmine'

Redmine::Plugin.register :redmine_mytopmenu do
  name 'My Top Menu'
  author 'C.D.'
  url ''
  author_url ''
  version '0.1.0'
  requires_redmine :version_or_higher => '1.0.0'

  menu :top_menu, :example_link, 'https://intranet/', :caption => 'Intranet Wiki', :first => true

Thanks in advance for any hints!

And: Sorry for the criticism of the new layout - I appreciate your great work and the very short intervals of your new releases!

Greetings from the very north of Germany,

Replies (3)

RE: Adding Topmenu Link like in version 2.x - Added by leslie martin at 2012-04-11 01:15 pm

i am so thankful i have come across this thread. thank you. i learned a lot from this

RE: Adding Topmenu Link like in version 2.x - Added by Chris Dähn at 2012-04-13 08:34 am


has nobody any hint? :-(


RE: Adding Topmenu Link like in version 2.x - Added by Jim McAleer at 2012-06-14 10:04 pm

Once again here's why we are having so many issues migrating plugins to Chiliproject from Redmine!! I am so close to canning Chili and going back to Redmine.