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Adopting Chili project without having knowledge on Ruby

Added by Helmi Mahara at 2012-05-04 11:11 am

Hi all,
Currently I am looking for project opensource project management, issue tracking, wiki and forum for a software department. In short, Chili Project is the best fit to my requirements. Currently we are using jtrac for issue tracking, jspwiki for wiki and they are not in one application package. The advantages of them is because it's very easy to deploy (all libraries are packaged as war file) and we have knowledge in java.

The only disadvantage of adopting Chili project I can see so far is that we have no knowledge at all of Ruby and its libraries (rails, rack, rake, etc). There is no resource to learn Ruby.

My question is whether Chili fits without having knowledge on Ruby, in the context of installation, upgrade and maintenance.
As development environment, we have Suse Enterprise 11 and Centos 5.

I appreciate the response. Appologize if this question already asked and I could not find in the forum.

Thank you.

Best regards,