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Cannot logout

Added by Carsten Schaudel at 2012-05-11 03:04 pm

I'm fairly new to chiliProject, and now finaly managed it to get it work on the Win 2008SP2 Server I got for this.

Everything seems to work fine (beside the speed - but that's no major concern right now) beside one thing: I can not logout from the page. Whenever I hit the 'Sign Out' button, all what is happening is that I'm taken to to the home page.

The log tells me everything is OK:

Processing AccountController#logout (for at 2012-05-11 17:03:37) [GET]
Parameters: {"action"=>"logout", "controller"=>"account"}
Redirected to http://chiliserver:3001/
Completed in 0ms (DB: 0) | 302 Found [http://chiliserver/logout]

Any hints?



P.S.: One addition: This seems to be a mongrail related issue. Using thin it works just fine ....

Replies (4)

RE: Cannot logout - Added by Jessica Watson at 2012-05-30 11:12 am

may be, it is a server problem...

RE: Cannot logout - Added by Nancy Morison at 2012-05-31 02:46 pm

refresh it,and try it once again..

RE: Cannot logout - Added by aone taxi at 2012-07-06 01:41 pm

Yes, it will be ok when you refresh it

RE: Cannot logout - Added by Felix Schäfer at 2012-08-21 05:59 pm

Closing this thread as it seems to attract spambots. Carsten if your problem persists please open a new thread, thanks!