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Due date notifications for certain statuses only

Added by Roberto Poretti at 2012-05-25 06:18 am

Hi all!

First of all thanks for this great piece of software!

I'm using ChiliProject for tracking tasks of my team and have set up a "redmine:send_reminders days=x" rake job to send out notifications for tasks due within the nex X days. This is fine except for one drawback: you can't exclude statuses notifications should not be sent. E.g.: Team members do not have the permission to set an issue to "Closed" but they can mark it as "Resolved" -> still receiving notifications. We have also introduced a status called "On hold" to park issues -> I would prefer not to send out notifications for this as well.

Is there any chance to achieve this with the available functionality? Or would I need a 3rd party plugin? If so, is there anything out there that would meet my requirements? :)

Thanks a lot!