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Disabling comments on news?

Added by Marvin Gülker at 2012-07-22 03:12 pm

Hi there,

I’m running a ChiliProject instance with news commenting enabled for everyone, including non-registered anonymous members. As expected, this generates a considerable amount of spam comments which I have to delete one-by-one as there doesn’t seem to be a method to delete multiple comments at once. This wouldn’t be problematic if it was possible to disable the comment function after a defined amount of time, e.g. after 30 days or so. I can’t have my eyes everywhere, and when a spambot decides to enter a two years old news item I won’t see this by anything other than chance.

So, is there a function like this in Chili, or some kind of plugin?


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RE: Disabling comments on news? - Added by Felix Schäfer at 2012-07-26 09:43 pm

None that I know of, sorry.

I think having some sort of spam protection would be a better remedy in the long run though. Could you add it as a feature request in the tracker so that we don't forget about it? In the short term solving this in the way you proposed with a plugins is probably the best idea.