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Ability to hide a part of workflow

Added by Vincent Danion at 2011-04-08 09:31 am

Hi everybody,

It don't seems to me that Chili allows to hide part of the workflow.

Being a software editor, we are searching an issue tracker which can be accessed both by our customers and our developer teams. That means that, during the lifecycle of an issue, a part of the workflow (namely the sequence which starts with the assignment of a bug to a developer, and ends with the commit of the patch by him) should be hidden to customers: they are not interested in the exchanges between developers, particularly because they could sometimes be more technical ("bits-and-bytes") than functional.

How to customize Chili workflow to hide the "middle part" of it ? Is this possible ? Otherwise, is this functionnality planned in the roadmap ?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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RE: Ability to hide a part of workflow - Added by dan white at 2012-04-02 11:24 am

I too would like to know how to hide a portion of the workflow. I am assuming it can be done because it must be something that forms part of many workflows.

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