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3.0 release schedule

Added by Eric Davis at 2011-12-10 12:58 am

Since the last project meeting we've slipped the 3.0 release schedule. I'm proposing the following schedule for the 3.0 release:

  • 3.0.0 feature freeze and beta release - 2011-12-17
  • (...bug fixing...)
  • 3.0.0 RC1 release (0 open bugs for release) - 2011-12-31
  • 3.0.0 RC N - every week or so as needed for critical bugs only
  • 3.0.0 release - January 2012

Eric Davis

Replies (1)

RE: 3.0 release schedule - Added by Eric Davis at 2011-12-16 08:19 pm

Okay, I'm going to feature freeze 3.0.0 now and get 3.0.0 beta ready to be released this weekend.

Eric Davis