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Modify the content of an issue

Added by paul young at 2012-06-12 05:26 pm


A basic functionality seems to be missing, or maybe is it hidden somewhere not easy to be found(?)

When I open an issue, once it's added in the issue list, it's impossible to modify its content. The only way I found is to copy it and then change its content..

The situation may occur quite often when one needs to modify or complete the description of an issue. It would work just like many forums allow to.

What do you think?

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RE: Modify the content of an issue - Added by Holger Just at 2012-06-12 06:08 pm

It is indeed a bit hidden, but when you have the "Edit issues" permission, you can do that today. Just click on the little "(More)" above the issue update form. There you are able to edit all original fields.

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