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adding another menu item

Added by Bardia Afshin at 2013-04-10 12:24 am

Hi there,

I'm attempting to add another menu item to the following screen (for example use purposes)

The menu on the left has the following menu link:

Time Entries

I'd like add another menu item called ie. 'another menu item' with one sub menu item 'sub item 1' to this menu.

Where do I get started?

There's rails and routing, but I'm new to this framework. If you can provide clear instructions to preferrably customizing this view in my plugin, it'd be appreciated.


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RE: adding another menu item - Added by Chris Dähn at 2013-04-12 04:48 pm


currently I use jQuery and an own theme to change the UI and add own top menu buttons - see this discussion:

So this approach (using jQuery to add more menu entries) should work for the left sidebar menu, too.

Even is this JavaScript insertion of DOM elements may look like a hack - it won't need advanced Ruby programming and should work as long as the menu entries aren't completely renamed.

Hope that helps.