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Deprecate and remove display_subprojects query option (Task #1314)

Added by Mischa The Evil at 2013-10-16 12:02 am. Updated at 2013-10-16 12:02 am.

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The display_subprojects query option implemented for #672 is unnecessary and duplicating the functionality of the subproject filter. That filter is available on:
  • project scoped issue lists
  • project scoped gannt
  • project scoped calendar
when the project has subprojects, and provides three options1:
  1. all
  2. none
  3. is -> (multiple) project selection dropdown
In addition to that, the current implementation (2b7a221 and 335da86) also has some issues:
  • #696
  • [not reported yet] combined use of the query option and the subproject issue filter causes behavior which could be experienced by users as unexpected (subproject filter has higher precedence which makes that the query option is being ignored)
  • [not reported yet] the query option in also available on the cross-project issue list where it silently ignored (whereas the subproject filter is 'replaced' by a (multiple) (sub) project filter on the cross-project issue list)

Based on this I'd say it is better to deprecate and remove the current implementation, though it should be noted that before any code can be removed existing saved queries should be rewritten to use the subproject filter instead of the display_subprojects query option.

I can provide all the details and rationale about how I came to this proposal whenever it may be needed.

1 you can test it live on the demo in eg.


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