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Extended management/maintenance Tools with many projects and users -> "university" (or somthing else) (Feature #1321)

Added by Denny Schierz at 2013-12-03 12:24 pm.

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next year I want to "apply for funds" from our university to extend the management tools in Chiliproject. I thought about let writing a plugin, but I think, that isn't the best way. So I asking the developer from Chiliproject to get money from us :-)

The workflow actually:

  1. A student logs into Chili
  2. A project is automatically created with his loginname (thanks to Felix for that plugin :-) ..), for that reason:
  3. The student can only create a subproject with his loginname as his prefix (thanks to Felix too). I need it, so that I know the owner of a project on the filesystem (svn/git).
  4. To delete the project, the student needs to send me a ticket or rename the project (to_delete ...)
  5. I delete the project on the filesystem and than in Chili

The problems are:

  1. The student can't delete the project by himself
  2. The project that was created after the first login can't easy deleted -> only after the user has deleted
  3. The Chili account can't deleted, only disabled
  4. The database grows rapidly on every semester

What we need:

  1. Users with role "manager" can delete his projects
  2. Users that are not in the selected source (in our case LDAP) anymore, can be deleted (we would do it every 6 or 12 months)
  3. All projects that was created under his ID are deleted to
  4. If there are any references with the user id in other projects, the ID is renamed too "deleted-users" or something else, until these projects are deleted to and there are no any references anymore
  5. If there is a sub/project with active users (members) from a deleted users, the project isn't deleted, but archived. (later I can move/assign it to an active user)

These are the most imported points.

I think, that makes Chilipoject more attractive for a university or firms. So I hope, that the developers can tell me, if that is possible, and how much does it cost.

cu denny


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