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Add environment info display to /admin/info. (Feature #1353)

Added by Mischa The Evil at 2014-09-10 07:31 am. Updated at 2014-09-10 07:32 am.

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I was asked by someone last year to port this feature from Redmine to ChiliProject, which I did. I didn't share the result up until now due to a lack of time.
Now, before I delete the work I'll upload the patch to this issue to make it publicly available. Yet, I don't know whether or not it might be useful for someone, let alone whether or not it gets integrated in CP-core (considering the rate of activity lately).

Add environment information display to /admin/info view.
  1. Added ChiliProject::Info.environment (based on Redmine revisions r9601, r11918 and r12003)
    • Modified during porting:
      • changed Redmine strings to match CP strings
      • changed Redmine version retrieval calls to CP version retrieval calls (ChiliProject::VERSION)
      • changed DB-adapter name retrieval call to use CP's DB layer (ChiliProject::Database)
  2. Added the output of ChiliProject::Info.environment to a new preformatted on the /admin/info view and removed the DB-adapter name from the line which outputs Redmine::Info.versioned_name (based on Redmine revision r9603)
  3. Added unit test ChiliProject::InfoTest, in /unit/lib/chili_project/info_test.rb (based on Redmine revision r9601)
    • Modified during porting:
      • changed assertion to match CP version string
      • added three new assertions to check for the existence of the three "headers" in the new preformatted on the /admin/info view

Patch created against ChiliProject stable

cp1353-add_env_info_on_admin_info_view-stable_93de0ba66.patch (3 kB) Mischa The Evil, 2014-09-10 07:32 am

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