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Installation procedure and plugin infrastructure is too complex (Feature #905)

Added by Michael Utech at 2012-02-26 01:06 am. Updated at 2012-02-28 10:11 am.

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Even though the documentation of chiliproject (and/or redmine) is excellent, the installation takes too much time for non-ruby experts.

I went through the following process:
  • Installed redmine packages on ubuntu 10.10 (worked fine) (1h)
  • Played with the application, love it, missing a hierarchical issue list, and/or scrum stuff, looking for plugins. (2h)
  • Tried to install redmine:backlogs, failed because ubuntu package is too old (2h)
  • Found chiliproject and switched to it (curious to see the difference) (3h)
  • Tried to install redmine:backlogs again, failed due to missing gems (1h)
  • Tried bundle install, failed bec. it now requires newer version of rubygems (1h)
  • gem update not supported for debian based system, forced it, mess (2h)
  • reinstalled rubygems, updated bundle, less of a mess but still not working (time to get some sleep)

At that point, I saw an excellent piece of software, but one of the huge advantages, the possibility to use plugins is not available for me. I see that this is not a problem of chiliproject per se, but of the combination of ubuntu, ruby, gem versions, debian version gem packages and the plugin, but the result is all the same that I failed to setup the system with the first plugin I wanted to add and that after spending something like now 10 hours.

For a ruby developer, all of my problems are probably not a big deal, for someone who is agnostic about ruby, it's extremely frustrating. The application itself can be set up in 1-2hrs, the app with one plugin not at all (in a day).

I don't know what the proper technical or organizational solution for this problem would be, but the project would hugely benefit from an installer package or maybe a more restrictive plugin infrastructure.


Updated by Kevin Wheatley at 2012-02-28 10:11 am

Whilst I can understand the problems your describing, I followed the guide on the backlogs site for installation, for both Redmine and ChiliProject. The biggest problem I had was when different plugins need different gem versions (we are using bundle to manage them).

In those cases I had to make some intelligent guesses about which versions to use, the only time I had to tweak ChiliProject's Gemfile was for rubytree to install redmine_better_gantt_chart. Although I will say I didn't try do it the other way round (downgrading the plugin's version)

-gem "rubytree", "~> 0.5.2", :require => 'tree'
+gem "rubytree", "0.7.0", :require => 'tree'

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