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toc macro only works above h1. (Bug #978)

Added by Robert Chady at 2012-04-11 03:39 pm.

Status:Open Start date:2012-04-11
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Was asking in #chiliproject about the use of {% toc %} in the wiki because it was not working. It came up that this only works if put above the h1., which testing showed to be true in my case. Now, I'm on CP 3.0, but meineerde asked for a bug report as it should work anywhere.

I created a simple wiki page that had:

h1. Title

{% toc %}

in it, and it did not work. Though, after previewing this article I see the input is not coming through cleanly. The toc entry is literally a { { toc } } with no spaces between them.

Btw, I thought putting things inside a pre block would keep it from getting parsed again. In this case look above as to what it is rendering as.


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