ChiliProject is not maintained anymore. Please be advised that there will be no more updates.

We do not recommend that you setup new ChiliProject instances and we urge all existing users to migrate their data to a maintained system, e.g. Redmine. We will provide a migration script later. In the meantime, you can use the instructions by Christian Daehn.

Objectives and Goals


These might need to be split up later on if this page gets too large. Keeping them in once place is useful for reviewing though.

  • Objectives are high level things we want to accomplish
  • Goals are the stepping stones to get us there

Objective: Open project leadership

Goal: Open development

Success Criteria:
  • Six core developers (committers)
    Implementation Plan:
  • Setup a contribution workflow based on git - including code review process
  • Give commit rights to existing committers
  • Review active Redmine contributors and ask them personally to get involved with the project.

Goal: Open leadership

Success Criteria:
Process on how the project is lead, how leaders are "promoted" (team and benevolent dictator), and who is leading the different parts

Implementation Plan:
  • Decide on core teams
  • Decide on the scope of each team
  • Decide on a process for cross-team work
  • Pick leaders
  • Create a process on how to handle a team leader stepping down or asking a team leader to step down
  • Create a process on how to handle the benevolent dictator stepping down or asking them to step down
  • Create a process to review and modify/add new processes

Goal: Manage project assets

Success criteria:
Legal entity which manages project assets like domains, trademarks, and donations

Implementation Plan:
  • Decide on legal system (US / DE)
  • Decide on responsibilities (board members, ...)
  • Setup non-profit legal entity


Objective: Constant development

Goal: Split from Redmine

Success Criteria:
New code repository with non-Redmine contributions from active development

Implementation Plan:
  • Setup a forked code repository
  • Code review of latest Redmine commits (November and December)
  • Create a compatibility process showing how to share code with Redmine
  • Create an upgrade path from Redmine

Goal: Release 1.1

Success Criteria:
public release of a 1.1 version Implementation Plan:

Implementation Plan:
  • Create a release roadmap for a quick 1.1 version
  • Create a release process
  • Create a 1.1RC
  • Release 1.1
  • Celebrate shipping

Goal: Development roadmap for 1.2

Success Criteria:
high level roadmap for 1.2 (2011)

Implementation Plan:
  • Create a wishlist of features
  • Create a pain list of missing functionality/bugs ("what causes the most pain")
  • Create a release plan

Objective: Community building

Goal: Communication channels

Success Criteria:
several avenues of communication for the community; contributors, users, and third party integrators (e.g. Debian, FinnLabs)

Implementation Plan:
  • Create an IRC chatroom
  • Create a set of forums
  • Create a Wiki
  • Create a security mailing list
  • Create a release mailing list
  • Create a blog
  • Encourage companies to engage in the ChiliProject community

Goal: Marketing and outreach plan

Success Criteria: Become known as the major Rails project management project (can get a basic measurement on Ruby Toolbox)

Implementation Plan:
  • Create a summary of what the project is used for
  • Create a list of use cases for the project (by industry, organization size, department/purpose)
  • Create a list of current users
  • Create case studies on current users. Higher profile companies/projects or ones with unique use cases.
  • Create a comparison of ChiliProject to other systems (need to be careful here so it's fair and as unbiased as possible)
  • Setup a project blog
  • Add marketing activities to the release process (e.g. when there is a new release: post to Ruby Flow, send Ruby Inside a summary, etc)
  • Help companies switch to ChiliProject

Goal: Team

Success Criteria: Team leaders with their own objectives and goals defined

Implementation Plan:
  • Create a list of starting teams
  • Define the scope for each team, the areas they will be working in
  • Choose team leaders for each team
  • Define objectives and goals for each team

Proposed Objectives and Goals

Objective: Constant development

Goal: significant increase of development speed

Success Criteria:
  • "time-to-community" of software improvements
Implementation Plan:
  • open and constant communication about development plans, bottlenecks and impediment
  • think big, start small
    • open and goal oriented planning (especially roadmap and system architecture)
    • establish task forces that plan and develop deliverables which are too big for a single person.