ChiliProject is not maintained anymore. Please be advised that there will be no more updates.

We do not recommend that you setup new ChiliProject instances and we urge all existing users to migrate their data to a maintained system, e.g. Redmine. We will provide a migration script later. In the meantime, you can use the instructions by Christian Daehn.

Saving (and re-using) queries

TODO: Add Screenshots

To save a query (custom set of filters):
  1. After setting filters to a list of issues, click Save.
    A New query page displays.
  2. Give the query a Name.
  3. Depending on your authorization, you can select whether you want the query to be Public (available for all ChiliProject users) and For all projects (or just the current project).
  4. Select if you want the query results to display with the Default columns.
    If you uncheck Default columns, lists of available and selected Columns display below.
    • Click to highlight a column (unselected at left, selected at right). |
    • Click to select, to remove, and or to re-order.
    • Select if you want to Group the results (by a particular field).
  5. Modify the Filters if you want, the same way as when setting up the filter.
  6. Select if you want to Sort the results (by up to three fields, ascending or descending).
  7. Click Save.
    The results of that query display, along with a Custom queries link at right, for you to select it in future.