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Subscribing to an Atom feed in Thunderbird

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1. Create an RSS account

To add an RSS account in Thunderbird:

  1. From the Thunderbird Edit menu, select Account Settings.
    The Account Settings dialog box displays.
  2. Click the Add Account button at lower left.
    The Account Wizard dialog box displays.
  3. Select RSS News & Blogs, and click Next.
    The Account Wizard prompts you for an Account Name.
  4. Accept the default ("News & Blogs") or type a new name, and click Next.
    The Account Wizard asks you to verify the settings.
  5. Click Finish.
    The new account displays below your email accounts in Thunderbird.
  6. Click OK to close the Account Settings dialog box.

2. Add a feed URL to an RSS account

To add a URL for an Atom feed to your Thunderbird RSS account:
  1. Right-click the RSS account (for example News & Blogs), and select Subscribe.
    The RSS Subscriptions dialog box displays.
  2. Click Add.
    The Feed Properties dialog box displays.
  3. In ChiliProject, from the issue or list of issues right-click at the lower right, and select Copy Link Location.
  4. Back in Thunderbird, in the Feed Properties dialog box, right-click and select to paste into the Feed URL field, and click OK.
    The feed displays in the RSS Subscriptions dialog box and below the RSS Feed account in Thunderbird.
  5. Close the RSS Subscriptions dialog box.
  6. Click the feed in Thunderbird to display its items.