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Damian Zaremba

  • IRC handle: Damian
  • Registered on: 2011-02-12
  • Last connection: 2012-05-01


Reported issues: 0


01:12 am ChiliProject Discuss: 500 error on issues/show
On hitting /issues/<somevalidid> I'm getting a 500 error.
The install is running with d61ad013082578a7d393d...


07:55 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Mime::API error on admin pages
Just as an update to this I have re-installed the whole ruby stack and the issue still persists. It also appears that...
05:51 pm ChiliProject Discuss: Mime::API error on admin pages
I'm getting a 500 thrown on some of the admin pages all with the same trace back. I'm not that familiar with R...

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