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500 error on issues/show

Added by Damian Zaremba at 2012-04-13 01:12 am


On hitting /issues/<somevalidid> I'm getting a 500 error.

The install is running with d61ad013082578a7d393d0e7da033938a0173395 which should be the last stable as far as I can tell.

The full traceback is as below;

Processing IssuesController#show (for <ip> at <date>) [GET]
  Parameters: {"controller"=>"issues", "action"=>"show", "id"=>"63"}
Rendering template within layouts/base
Rendering issues/show.rhtml

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `auto_complete_users_path' for #<ActionView::Base:0xbecdc08>) on line #20 of app/views/watchers/_watchers.rhtml:
17:         <%= observe_field(:user_search,
18:                  :frequency => 0.5,
19:                  :update => :users,
20:                  :url => auto_complete_users_path(:remove_watchers =>, :klass => watched.class, :include_groups => true),
21:                  :with => 'q')
22:                   %>

    app/views/watchers/_watchers.rhtml:20:in `block in _run_rhtml_app47views47watchers47_watchers46rhtml_locals_object_watched_watchers'
    app/views/watchers/_watchers.rhtml:8:in `_run_rhtml_app47views47watchers47_watchers46rhtml_locals_object_watched_watchers'
    app/views/issues/show.rhtml:137:in `block in _run_rhtml_app47views47issues47show46rhtml'
    app/helpers/application_helper.rb:950:in `content_for'
    app/views/issues/show.rhtml:131:in `_run_rhtml_app47views47issues47show46rhtml'
    app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:103:in `block (2 levels) in show'
    app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:102:in `show'
    <internal:prelude>:10:in `synchronize'
    unicorn (4.2.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:530:in `process_client'
    unicorn (4.2.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:604:in `worker_loop'
    unicorn (4.2.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:487:in `spawn_missing_workers'
    unicorn (4.2.0) lib/unicorn/http_server.rb:137:in `start'
    unicorn (4.2.0) bin/unicorn_rails:209:in `<top (required)>'
    /usr/local/ruby/bin/unicorn_rails:19:in `load'
    /usr/local/ruby/bin/unicorn_rails:19:in `<main>'

Rendering <path>/chiliproject/public/500.html (500 Internal Server Error)

Bundle wise;

[projects@www1 chiliproject]#bundle update
Fetching source index for
which: no sudo in (/usr/kerberos/sbin:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/python/bin/:/usr/local/python3/bin/:/usr/local/ruby/bin/:/usr/local/node/bin/:/usr/local/php/bin:/usr/local/python3/bin:/usr/local/python/bin/:/usr/local/python3/bin/:/usr/local/ruby/bin/:/usr/local/node/bin/:/usr/local/php/bin:/usr/local/python3/bin)
Using rake ( 
Using activesupport (2.3.14) 
Using rack (1.1.3) 
Using actionpack (2.3.14) 
Using actionmailer (2.3.14) 
Using activerecord (2.3.14) 
Using activeresource (2.3.14) 
Using rails (2.3.14) 
Using acts-as-taggable-on (2.1.0) 
Using addressable (2.2.7) 
Using mime-types (1.18) 
Using nokogiri (1.5.2) 
Using rack-test (0.6.1) 
Using ffi (1.0.11) 
Using childprocess (0.3.1) 
Using libwebsocket (0.1.3) 
Using multi_json (1.2.0) 
Using rubyzip (0.9.7) 
Using selenium-webdriver (2.21.0) 
Using xpath (0.1.4) 
Using capybara (1.1.2) 
Using coderay (1.0.6) 
Using edavis10-object_daddy (0.4.3) 
Using i18n (0.4.2) 
Using json (1.6.6) 
Using liquid (2.3.0) 
Using metaclass (0.0.1) 
Using mocha (0.10.5) 
Using mysql2 (0.2.18) 
Using net-ldap (0.2.2) 
Using rdoc (3.12) 
Using rmagick (2.13.1) 
Using ruby-openid (2.1.8) 
Using rubytree (0.5.3) 
Using shoulda (2.10.3) 
Using sqlite3 (1.3.5) 
Using tzinfo (0.3.33) 
Using bundler (1.0.22) 
Your bundle is updated! Use `bundle show [gemname]` to see where a bundled gem is installed.

As far as I can tell most the other pages are working.

Thanks for any pointers!