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Nicolas Paez

  • Registered on: 2012-08-28
  • Last connection: 2014-08-14


Reported issues: 2


09:30 pm ChiliProject Discuss: New plugins available
Hi everyone,
For almost 2 years we (at Tipit LLC) have been using (and customizing) ChiliProject. As a result of t...


10:34 pm ChiliProject Develop: Error running tests in 1.9.3
I am getting this error when running tests:
Error: test: #line_for_issue should have an issue tooltip. (Redmine::H...


08:09 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Description fiel changed
I have several plugins.
I have also tested with different browsers but I couldn't find a pattern.
It seems to be re...


08:11 pm ChiliProject Discuss: Description fiel changed
Hi everyone,
I am facing a very strange issue. Sometimes, when I modify an issue, the notification mail I get says...


03:02 pm ChiliProject Discuss: Wiki macro support in Chili version 3.7
I have just updated my chiliproject instance from 2.6 to 3.7.
I was using the wiki extensions plugin that is ...


12:26 pm ChiliProject Develop: RE: Incoming emails configuration
I have just solved this. This validation was done in the *extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb*.


03:19 pm ChiliProject Develop: Incoming emails configuration
Please look at:
03:17 pm ChiliProject Develop: Incoming emails configuration
When replying issues notifications I am getting the following rejection email.
_permission denied. Command output:...
03:16 pm ChiliProject Develop: Incoming emails configuration
Please look at:


12:34 pm ChiliProject Discuss: RE: Upgrade problem (gravatar plugin)
Ok, thanks.

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