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victor de leon

  • Registered on: 2012-10-17
  • Last connection: 2013-05-22


Reported issues: 3


07:57 am ChiliProject Feature #1189 (Open): Automatic update of related issues
07:57 am ChiliProject Discuss: Automatic update of related issues
I am looking for a solution that would allow to create a relationships between the issues that would update the one o...


11:07 pm ChiliProject Discuss: subtask with many parent
Is possible to have a sub task with many parent task and if this is possible how i can do this???
10:32 pm ChiliProject Feature #1184 (Declined): A task can have many parent task???


12:36 am ChiliProject Discuss: Import issue from other source like csv or excell
Hi :
somebody know hot to import issue from excell , or csv, or using directly to the database, i want to make a p...


07:46 am ChiliProject Feature #1167 (Declined): import csv to issue
07:43 am ChiliProject Feature #1167 (Declined): import csv to issue

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