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Niels Lindenthal

  • Registered on: 2010-12-23
  • Last connection: 2012-03-24


Reported issues: 17


07:43 pm ChiliProject Feature #692 (Closed): new design with 263-new-layout-ready
Eric Davis wrote:
> I'm changing my mind; using the wiki page for discussion is becoming a mess. Lets keep all discu...


07:50 pm ChiliProject Bug #659 (Declined): Accessibility for blind users
07:16 pm ChiliProject Feature #592 (Open): Icon to delete an issue comment (Journal)
Felix Schäfer wrote:
> IIRC I contributed something like that on, I'll try to find it back.
Does it ...
07:07 pm ChiliProject Feature #658 (Closed): Include jquery and jquery ui


08:29 pm ChiliProject Develop: RE: New design for ChiliProject
Just wanted to give everybody a short update about the latest changes. Today we worked on
* some bugs with IE 7 in t...


02:20 pm ChiliProject Develop: New design for ChiliProject

during the last weeks "Romano":/users/328, "Johannes":/users/72, Christoph and I have worked on a new design...


06:14 pm ChiliProject Feature #579 (Open): Hiding userlist in configuration -> Member -> New member
Hi Denny,
I am not 100% sure whether this is exactly what you need. At finnlabs we implemented a plugin for one of...


09:46 am ChiliProject Feature #263 (Closed): New layout
Hi Eric,
Congrats, this is a major improvement. Thanks for the work on the new layout.
We just started an acce...


09:10 pm ChiliProject Feature #264 (Open): Linking repository files to an issue
I like that idea to be able to link a ticket to any project artifact from the repository. Linking a revision to a tic...


04:22 pm ChiliProject Develop: Project phases and milestones in addition to versions
Currently ChiliProject supports the management of software-versions quite well.
*Example for versions:*
* Release...

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