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Wieland Lindenthal

  • IRC handle: wielinde
  • Registered on: 2010-12-23
  • Last connection: 2011-10-14


Reported issues: 5


05:06 pm ChiliProject Bug #659 (Declined): Accessibility for blind users
Hey Niels,
that is great news. Such an analysis is a very valuable thing. For most of us software developers who a...


08:45 am ChiliProject Feature #202 (Closed): Adding the theme used on to the repository
I agree with Felix.
# I believe the theme should develop over time and therefore be under control of the ChiliPro...


01:32 pm ChiliProject Feature #202 (Closed): Adding the theme used on to the repository
01:12 pm ChiliProject Feature #79 (Closed): Review
I close this issue as people agreed on better icons. This is a better way than removing all icons. My pull request in...


06:23 pm ChiliProject Feature #176 (Open): Add a summary to projects
Hi Holger,
I always disliked any description in the projects overview. One reason might be that in our installatio...
04:02 pm ChiliProject Feature #116 (Open): Mobile CSS
Hi Tim,
I tried your plugin from github ( I like your approach as ...


06:57 pm ChiliProject Task #97 (Closed): Setting up CI Server
06:35 pm ChiliProject Bug #96 (Closed): Wiki: H4 Headings are too small in toc


07:09 am ChiliProject Feature #77 (Closed): Remove icons that are not explanatory


02:15 am ChiliProject Task #75 (Closed): Register

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