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Choosing ChiliProject over Redmine...

Added by Bradley D. Thornton at 2012-04-25 10:31 pm

I was looking at: and had some questions I figured could be best addressed here.

1.) Private Issues No Yes

Redmine supports private issues, but ChliProject doesn't? Does that mean that say, I want to collab w/just one project team member that I can't in ChiliProject?

2.) Multiple Repositories per Project No Yes

So... Just one Git repo for each project is supported in ChiliProject while I could have multiple Git repos w/Redmine?

3.) Visual Merging Branching History (Git/Hg) No Yes

I'm not sure what this means at all. If someone could elaborate...

If ChiliProject was initially a fork of Redmine, Do the three points above indicate that these are features that have been added to redmine since the fork? Features that ChiliProject hasn't built in yet?

In General, I like the basic look and feel of ChiliProject, but Redmine is pretty kewl too, yet Redmine has basecamp themes and I'm not sure how the plugin support is in ChiliProject.

I've read up on the lack of responsiveness wrt Redmine in it's development cycle, but most of that rhetoric is a year old now.

I might get flamed for this, but I'm a left-coaster here in the Los Angeles area, and it appears that Eric is too (albeit, a bit futher north where the sun never shines lol). I tend to give a couple of kudo points to projects managed by people geographically located near me, since... Well, there isn't a good reason for that sort of preferencial treatment, actually, but maybe someone could address this.

And the plugins for Redmine... Are there pretty much the same comparable plugins for ChiliProject?

Hey thanks for any input that anyone might be able to shed on these questions of mine :)

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RE: Choosing ChiliProject over Redmine... - Added by Radim Kolář at 2012-04-28 05:10 pm

I had lot of troubles with getting redmine running due to its weird compatibility with other Ruby stuff. Chili worked for me out of box.