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wiki subpages

Added by Radim Kolář at 2012-04-28 06:11 pm

Are wiki subpages supported? They look like Page/subpage. They are supported in Trac and my projects are using them a lot, it prevents me from migration.

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RE: wiki subpages - Added by Holger Just at 2012-04-28 07:00 pm

We support subpages in way, that you can have a breadcrumb of pages and a hierarchy in the index. For example, see our Wiki Index and one of our install guides. However, in a project, all wiki pages must have a unique name. That means we do not support subpages in a way to have mutliple pages with the same name under different hierarchies in the same project. But as you can name them however you like, you can come up with your own schema to express "hierarchies".