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Per project Roles rights supported?

Added by Radim Kolář at 2012-04-28 06:14 pm

Can be Roles rights configured per project? For example give anonymous users more rights on project1 but not on project2

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RE: Per project Roles rights supported? - Added by Holger Just at 2012-04-28 07:03 pm

That's not possible right now. Roles are always defined globally. However, you can define as many roles as you like and assign people to these roles in different projects.

We have two "special" roles: Non-member (for logged-in users accessing a public project) and Anonymous (for not logged-in users) which are also present only once. So you can't have different Anonymous roles right now, Sorry.

That said, this might change one day as we are currently investigating an overhaul of the permission / authorization / authentication system.

RE: Per project Roles rights supported? - Added by Jan Vlnas at 2012-05-07 10:12 pm

Hey, I've made a plugin just for that:
It's new, experimental and quite hacky. I've made some tests and it should be fairly stable with vanilla ChiliProject 3.1.0, however it can – theoretically – have some bad interactions with other plugins. Bug reports and patches are welcome.

If you only need to assign roles to non-members and anonymous, take a look at Role Shift plugin which is simpler and potentially less problematic.